Jelly Beans - Pre-School (3+ years)

Our pre-school helps provide an excellent early years learning environment for young children in preparing them and the parents for the smooth transition to school.

Pre-school education plays a valuable role in helping children develop and learn new physical, mental, and emotional skills. It helps children to be prepared to listen, follow instructions, to get along in a group and to manage conflict in a positive manner.

Our pre-school room is split into 2 rooms where the children are able to free-flow between both rooms and are able to make choices to encourage their independence. Our pre-school children are encouraged to make independent decisions, from where they want to play and what with, to what they want to eat at snack time.

The main room is dedicated to table top activities, role play, messy play, art and craft and the sand and water.

In the connected room the children have access to the cosy area where they are able to relax and calm down and have the opportunity to work on their numeracy skills, mark making and quiet time looking at books and sharing stories.

Meal times in pre-school are sociable but also educational and we combine discussions on healthy eating with activities such as growing vegetables and cooking which the children have participated in with growing their own vegetables in nursery garden. Children become used to eating as a group and to trying new foods with different tastes and textures.